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We know our clients want to navigate the home building process as quickly as possible. Before obtaining a building permit, a residential structural design is needed. We believe no one should have to wait long or spend a lot for a residential structural design just to be delayed because the design was inaccurate or lacked enough detail.
Residential Structural Engineering Design

A Simple and Easy Process

A residential structural design is necessary in order to obtain a building permit for new construction or remodel. Our experts provide guidance and streamline the process in just 4 steps.

A Simple and Easy Process

Tom Bogh Residential structural engineering
Tom Bogh
Tom has over 18 years of experience in residential structural management and design including expertise in planning and blueprints review. Tom has worked with city management personnel and inspectors on multiple projects as both a project and construction manager. His expertise provides code and ordinance compliance and conformity to permitting and zoning requirements.

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Our structural experts offer an accurate and streamlined process at a competitive price. We are local and familiar with the building codes and regulations required for home construction or remodel projects.

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While it is important to have the architect’s design include the correct shape, size, and appearance, it is more important that the “bones” of the structure are designed correctly. The structural system will determine the longevity and durability of the structure.

  1. The knowledge and expertise for any project that requires a detailed analysis and design of the structure.
  2. An analysis of how rain, snow, wind, seismic activity, and other naturally occurring forces will affect the structure. This can also include various uses of loading in which it is being subjected.
  3. An assessment of the vulnerabilities that currently exist.
  4. Selection of framing systems and recommendations for construction and economic feasibility.
  5. Industry knowledge of common construction materials such as steel, concrete, wood, and masonry.
  6. Preparation of structural plans and reports for the structure as well as coordination with other building systems.

An experienced structural engineer will be up to date on current building codes. Therefore, new updated information provides new insights into new building systems and technology.

Our structural experts offer an accurate and streamlined process from start to finish. Also, we are local and familiar with the building codes and regulations required for residential construction projects providing expertise and success. 

We understand the completion of a project is just one part of the structural design and building process. Therefore, we go beyond the project and provide support to the homeowners even after they have moved in. We know that life can change in an instant. That is why we are readily available to take that call when needed.