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What is A Truss Plan?

A building’s roof is perhaps its most vital component. In addition to protecting from the outside elements, a roof keeps valuable possessions protected from the outside world. For a roof to function properly, a truss plan is essential.

The roof of a typical house is constructed using multiple trusses aligned evenly across the span of the house. Trusses stabilize and support the walls, especially in buildings with more than one story. Trusses must be designed correctly to ensure the stability of a roof.

Understanding how trusses work is crucial to the structural integrity of any building. There is a complex process involved in determining what loads a truss can withstand. Many factors are considered, such as maximum wind loads, snow levels, and precipitation expectations. It is best practice to work with a structural engineer or architect to find the correct trusses for your home and to develop a roof truss plan that is as accurate. By doing so, you will be able to meet all building code requirements and avoid costly delays.

Prior to the approval of a building permit, municipalities generally require roof truss plans. Local requirements may vary depending on where you live.

What is a truss plan


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