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Building permits from the city

3 Ways to Simplify Working With your City to obtain a building permit

Building permits can be intimidating to obtain. Depending on where you live, there could be different requirements to meet.  Here are three ways to simplify the process.

1. Visit the City Office

As laws and regulations vary from city to city, the best way to learn about ordinances and regulations is to visit your local government.  City officials can help you understand if there are any restrictions or limitations on what can be done on your property. It is best practice to take your parcel number with you to ensure you receive accurate information about your specific property.

When visiting your city:

  • Take your parcel number with you
  • Ask if there are any restrictions that impact your property
  • Have the City verify which forms need to be completed

2. Complete Required Forms

The majority of the required forms can be accessed on each city’s website, your local city building department may be able to provide you with guidance on the forms you need for your specific project. The required forms should be carefully completed and reviewed after you have obtained them.

  • Locate required forms on the City website
  • Carefully complete all required forms
  • Review forms to ensure accuracy

3. Submit forms online

In most cases, completed forms can be submitted online making the process simpler and easier for you. It is likely that additional information will be required in addition to the city forms.  These may include house plans, owner-builder forms, and others. Once submitted, the city will review the paperwork to ensure they satisfy all requirements.

  • Gather any additional information required to be uploaded (house plans, owner-builder forms, etc)
  • Double-check all required information is gathered and complete
  • Upload and submit forms and paperwork to the City
  • Follow up with a phone call to ensure all forms were received

Having the right permits in place may seem a bit daunting but taking the time to work with your city will help you avoid major problems, fees, and delays in the long run.

3 ways to simplify working with your city to obtain a building permit
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